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Reflective Practice:  Formation and Supervision in Ministry is a journal that seeks to understand, expand, and promote theory, learning and reflection in the practice of supervision and formation in various ministries from pluralistic multi-faith perspectives. More…


The 2018 volume of Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry has been published and is now available.

This year’s theme, “Formation, Supervision and Leadership,” invites readers to view formation and supervision through the lens of leadership studies and prevailing theories of leadership. Featured in this issue are essays by Mary Hess, Barbara Blodgett, John Senior, and Herbert Anderson, to just name a few. A special forum, called “Chaplain as Prophet” explores the prophetic nature of chaplaincy and the changing role of the modern chaplain. A section on chaplaincy education features an essay on transference and countertransference in spiritual care, with two thoughtful responses from leaders in ACPE. As usual, this volume includes reviews of an array of contemporary books, the ACPE Theory Paper of the year and an ATFE report on field education in the Black church tradition….and so much more! This volume ends with a theme statement for next year’s issue.

This volume of Reflective Practice, as with previous volumes, is available free online, through A limited number of hard copies are also available for purchase at


Next Issue’s Theme: Formation, Supervision, and Gender Diversity, Volume 39, 2019

In the last few decades there has been a significant change in how gender and human sexuality is understood. Correspondingly there has been an expression of greater gender diversity among the general population. So it is then, more seminarians or students preparing for religious leadership, do not identify with or transcend conventional gender norms. How does this change in how gender is understood and the increasing presence of nonconventional gender students in our seminaries or clinical training programs invite us to rethink how we form or prepare students, spiritually and professionally, for religious leadership? How do such changes shape or change how we do supervision, either in the context of clinical pastoral education and/or field education? Should gender issues, including gender biases and gender equality be important foci of clinical theological training? Furthermore, how do we prepare future religious leaders, regardless of their own personal gender preferences, to minister effectively to needs of gender diverse peoples? The Editorial Board of Reflective Practice invites scholars and practitioners on the cutting edge of these issues to contribute essays that might explore this theme. As usual, we also welcome essays, poems, case studies on subjects outside of the stated theme. We look forward to an illuminating and engaging 39th volume of Reflective Practice.

For more information or to express your stated interest in writing for Volume 39, please contact Scott Sullender, Editor, Reflective Practice. Email: