Continuing Education Webinars

Since we only gather as an association every other year, ATFE schedules webinars for continued learning and reflection.  If you developed a strategy, a project, or an approach to field education others can learn and implement, consider hosting a webinar!  Members are often the best sources of ideas and inspiration for each other.

Reflective Practice Journal

Volume 44 of Reflective Practice is now available online! Reflective Practice is the journal both supporting and supported by ATFE.

Vol. 44 of Reflective Practice (and free access to past volumes) is available at Read the contributions of current ATFE members as well as new colleagues with the Association for Reflective Practitioners in Theological Field Education (ARPTFE), based in Australia and New Zealand. Printed copies are available for purchase through our web site,

Please take a moment and return to the 2020 volume of Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry. This volume marked the fortieth anniversary of our unique journal, including its previous iteration as the Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry.  You will not want to miss this historic tome.

Bibliography of Field Ed Literature

If you recently stepped into your position as a field educator, or simply want to broaden your perspective, browse this bibliography of literature on field education, curated by a team of field educators.  Members shared their top five publications - the "must reads" - and, because we cannot resist, here are ten more great books.

Making Theology Matter

At ATFE’s 2019 Biennial Consultation in Asheville, Auburn Seminary's Vice President for Applied Research, Christian Scharen, reflected on Auburn’s 2018 report,  Making Theology Matter: Field Education as the Practical-Prophetic Heart of Effective Ministry Preparation. This report is the culmination of a large study of field/contextual education programs across theological education.

Redevelopment of ATS Standards

ATFE participated as a focus group for the Association of Theological School’s Commission on Accrediting in 2019, contributing to the Commission’s work of redeveloping its standards for theological education. While not all of this feedback made it into the text of the proposed redeveloped standards, ATFE was heard, and revisions are accessed here.

Note: the PowerPoint presentation from ATS Executive Director Frank Yamada’s address is here.

Recommended Standards for Field Education (EATFE)

At its 2018 biennial meeting, the Evangelical Caucus of ATFE adopted the linked recommended standards for use by all field educators.

Legal Issues in Field Education

Several years ago, the Presbyterian and Reformed Caucus of ATFE produced a document on legal issues in field education.  While some content may be dated, it is still a useful primer on issues to take into account. You can read it here.

Previous ATFE Consultations

A great benefit of ATFE is the shared learning generated by Biennial Consultations! Keynote speakers and workshop leaders often share their materials, and you can find them here.

Sample Field Education Handbooks

Field education programs vary greatly, but it often helps to see the policies and practices of other programs. We’re selecting a random sample of a few handbooks for your perusal.  [Under construction]