2023 ATFE Biennial Consultation

After two plus years of a global pandemic, and the need to shift and adapt to respond, your Steering Committee believes the 2023 Consultation is a good opportunity to gather in person to rest and relax, explore how we have been resilient, reconnect with one another, and re-envision and reinvent Field Education for new horizons.

Registering for the 2023 ATFE Biennial Consultation

STEP 1: Complete your Registration Form (one registration per Attendee).

STEP 2: Click here to make your payments to ATFE (early bird fee until Nov 15, 2022).

STEP 3: Room reservations are separate from registration, so don't forget to book your space! Use this link to access the YMCA's reservation page. Room fees will increase after Nov. 15, 2022. (If you're having any trouble with reservations, please contact the YMCA at (888) 613-9622 using the group name "ATFE Conference 2023.")

STEP 4: Book your flights, cars, etc. Visit this page for travel information, including Shuttle information.

STEP 5: Visit the 2023 ATFE Conference information!

We look forward to resting and being with you during this time of slowing down and refreshing while remaining hopeful for shared learning, wonderful connections, and a strong sense of renewed purpose.

Proposals Due October 15, 2022

We invite you to help with this planning and think about the possibilities for your own participation in this event. We encourage you to propose a break-out session that fits within one of the three major categories of the gathering. Think broadly and build your presentation on any aspect of our work as theological field educators.

What is important to you, or challenging to you, or inspiring to you that you might want to share with us in a session?

What have you discovered in your own work that might prove resourceful for us all?

What direction do you think we might want to consider taking in our work as a community of practice?

Break-out sessions can be fit under any of the three main categories:
1. Rest and Renewal
2. Resilience and Reconnection
3. Re-envision and Re-invent

Please complete this form by October 15, 2022. All proposals will be received gratefully and considered appreciatively.

2021 Virtual Mini-Biennium

We gathered virtually in January 2021 for an abbreviated conference that we called "Reimagining Field Education for the next 75 Years" in honor of ATFE's 75th anniversary.  Our keynote speakers were Sarah Drummond and Elsie Miranda, who talked with us about the redevelopment of ATS standards and implications for our work in theological education.  If you missed the conference or just want to refresh your memory, we recorded two parts of it and you can watch the videos here.

Reimagining Field Education for the next 75 Years

Click here to watch!


Happy Hour - Retirements & Transitions Among Field Educators

Click here to watch!