ATFE Research Grant

Below are procedures and criteria for submission of research projects:

Procedure for Applying for an ATFE Research Grant

  1. The proposal needs to be submitted to the Chair of the ATFE Research Committee. The committee chair will circulate it among the committee members for review and final recommendation. Applications are due no later than February 15 of each year.
  2. The proposal needs to be brief, i.e., not more than 5 pages single-spaced, outlining the nature of the research, its relevance for theological field education, a budget, and how the applicant would share the results with ATFE. Include purpose and procedures relevant to research type (e.g., anticipated outcomes, theoretical framework, methods for sampling, data collection and analysis, and instruments proposed).
  3. The budget details the proposed plan for spending, plus other funding sources with amounts received or requested. Please note that the annual funds available for all ATFE research grant proposals is $5,000.

Criteria for ATFE Grant Awards

  1. The applicant must be a member of ATFE in good standing. This criterion can be waived, if the proposed research directly focuses on furthering the goals of ATFE.
  2. The proposal must be complete and submitted to the committee in a timely manner.
  3. The Research Committee will evaluate the proposal on the quality of the application, its relevance for theological field education, and its alignment with the current goals and objectives of the association.
  4. The research must be completed by the next ATFE Biennial Consultation.
  5. The applicant must share with the ATFE membership the results of his/her research through a scholarly publication and at a Biennial Consultation. The applicant must stipulate in the proposal at which Consultation they will make their presentation.
  6. Preference will be given to research that will be carried out as part of a sabbatical.
  7. Applicants with authority to act on research proposals are eligible, but must absent themselves from the deliberation process.
  8. Preference is given to first time applicants. Prior funding does not, however, preclude award.
  9. The ATFE Research Committee may not award any funding if the proposal(s) submitted do not merit award or do not implement the aims of ATFE.  Generally, study leaves or course preparation will not be funded.

Application Outline

Step #1: Outline the nature of the research to be conducted (this needs to be a clear statement of your research focus)
Step #2: Explain the research relevance for theological field education
Step #3: Present your research methodology describing the procedures you will use to conduct the research – i.e.

  • Theoretical framework
  • Methods for sampling
  • Data collection procedures
  • Method for analysis of the data
  • Description of any instruments proposed
Step #4: Present your anticipated outcomes
Step #5: Describe how you will share the results of your research with ATFE
Step #6: Develop a budget justifying your need for the requested grant amount
Step #7: Submit proposal in electronic format to the Chairperson of the Research Committee