ATFE is a corporation in the state of Washington
Current Bylaws

For historical interest, below are an explanation and an historical overview of the ATFE incorporation process:

  • Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation of the Association.  During the 2001-2003 biennial period the Steering Committee on behalf of the Association completed the filing process necessary for ATFE to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Posted at the bottom of the page are the articles of incorporation and the bylaws as they existed prior to the nonprofit filing.  The new documents, which reflect modifications as required for the filing, are linked below.  These documents were explained by the ATFE Treasurer at the time, Richard Cunningham.

Articles for 501(c)(3) Incorporation and By-laws, ratified at Chicago Consultation, January 2003

Individual Documents:
Resolution to Dissolve as a corporation in Delaware
Resolution to Approve Articles and By-Laws and transfer assets to Washington State Corporation
Articles of Incorporation, Washington State
Minutes of Special meeting of Steering Committee

Articles of Incorporation and By-laws that were Superseded at the 2003 Consultation