Leading ATFE: A Call for Nominations -

If you attended the 2019 biennial consultation in Asheville, you know that we had a discussion about ATFE’s commitment to diversity in its leadership. One way to enact this commitment is to raise a call for leaders early and often. Therefore, we want to encourage you to consider leadership. We especially encourage nominations of persons who would bring various kinds of diversity to the Steering Committee.

Although we will not be meeting face-to-face in January 2021, when we would normally be electing a new Steering Committee, we will provide a process for the membership to vote on a SC slate that will carry us through the next consultation, whenever that may be.

Here’s what would be expected of a Steering Committee member. The SC typically meets monthly by videoconference and generally spends the first year of the biennium following up on charges given to it by the membership, and the second year planning the next consultation. The committee also sponsors continuing education webinars, sets directions for ATFE in keeping with the mission, and shepherds the financial, legal, and governance business of the organization. It’s not a small job, but it is an interesting one!

There are two subcommittees of the Steering Committee: the Research and Publications Committee and the Local Arrangements Committee. R&P is always open to new members and has traditionally nominated its own chair from within. LA arises spontaneously each biennium when a member or small group of members decides to propose a locale for the next consultation.

If you feel a call to become more involved in leading ATFE in one of these capacities, please contact me.

–Barbara Blodgett, Chair (chair@atfe.org).