Tips and Info

Some Need to Know Info...

Central Lodges
Address: YMCA Estes Park
2512 Tunnel Road, Estes Park, CO 80511
Phone: 888-612-9622 or 970-586-3341
Fax: 970-586-3501

ATFE Room Reservations: before Nov 15, room rates include meals

Airport: Denver International Airport (DEN)

****Helpful information about Denver, CO: Travel between DEN and the YMCA of the Rockies takes two hours in clear weather.
Please note the sun sets around 5P, so try to plan your arrival time between 2-3P, especially if you're driving šŸ„°****

Shuttle information: Check Back Soon!


  • Meals are in the Aspen Dining Room
  • Price, rated per person, includes all meals and entire stay for conference attendees and personal guests
  • Children under 12 are charged for food, not lodging ($20/day)
  • Additional conference days are blocked for Steering Committee and PRTFE - please contact with questions
  • If you require tax-exempt status, please use your organizationā€™s credit card and complete the highlighted portions of this form: Colorado Affidavit of Tax Status
  • If you share a room with another ATFE member, only one person needs to reserve a room for both attendees people. Please note this in your Room registration to help avoid confusion.
  • FAQs

    May I update my Lodging & Meal information?
    Of course! Just send an email to

    What do I wear?
    Break out your flannel, jeans, and boots, also known as "Mountain Casual"! The landscape of the YMCA of the Rockies is not level and may be covered in snow or ice, so sturdy shoes are a must. Weather in January can range sunny and pleasant (but cold) to winter storm, so plan appropriate clothing choices for changing weather conditions. Also, don't forget your bear spray!

    Why the extra fee for personal guests?
    The Steering Committee continues to hold the words "affordable" and "restful" as cornerstones for this consultation. To do so, caucuses are meeting on-site, and Thursday's dinner is less formal and more cozy. So, the additional fee for guests helps ATFE cover those catering options as well as offset logistical charges to produce a quality event.Ā Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or require additional information, please let us know.

    I have a COVID concern?
    In each room, attendees will be given a separate seating area if desired. Other information coming soon.