Research and Publications Committee

Committee Chair:

Christina Zaker, DMin.
Field Education Director and English for Theological Education Director
Catholic Theological Union
t: 773.371.5443

Committee Purpose:
The Research and Publications Committee is designed to promote scholarship and build knowledge among the ATFE members. It also oversees the production of ATFE literature or publications and provides income to ATFE from the sale of these publications.

As regards research, the responsibility of the Research and Publications Committee is to foster and encourage qualitative and quantitative research and related projects among the ATFE membership. To that end, it supports research projects initiated by the members and approved by the Steering Committee, following submission and recommendation by the Research and Publications Committee, as described below. The Committee may also identify projects of interest to the mutual work of the ATFE membership and the ATFE goals, in consultation with the Steering Committee. It is particularly interested to support research that is of benefit to the on-going work of the Association and, to that end, may recruit researchers for projects that have been so identified by ATFE. Of special interest are projects that may be carried out simultaneously by an inter-seminary collaboration as a joint project.

In its function of overseeing publications, the Research and Publications Committee:

  • develops themes for publication, solicits, receives and screens manuscripts for publications and assumes responsibility for editing and publishing “occasional papers” for ATFE.
  • is responsible for implementing the resolutions regarding publications, adopted by ATFE at its Biennial Consultations.
  • is responsible to the Steering Committee and its Chair may attend a Steering Committee meeting during the biennium as needed.