2017 Pre-consultation events

Come Visit Minnesota

Pre-Conference Options

Wednesday January 18, 2016

Minnesota has a rich history!  Some may know us by our stereotypical trait of “Minnesota Nice”, and for the radio show A Prairie Home Companion or movies such as Grumpy Old Men and Drop Dead Gorgeous.  We have Garrison Keillor, Prince, talented actors and musicians.  Some may know us for the largest Mall – the Mall of America and enclosed Skyways.  Yet we invite you to come and get to know us on your own and spent an extra day or two pre-conference and discover the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

The Local Arrangements Committee has prepared a cadre of events for you to get to know the heart of the area, the culture, the church and our seminaries.  Along the way you might have some native food such as a hotdish, wild rice, walleye or Jello salad.

We offer the following Pre-Conference Options:

  • Kathryn Ostlie, invites you on Wednesday, January 18, to meet at 2:00, go to the Minnesota History Center ($12 – 4 block walk), have dinner together (within 2 blocks, cost on own) and then to a production at Park Square Theater ($40-60 – 3 block walk) to see Big Money. (If 10+ attend the play, we’ll be eligible for a group ticket rate.) Cost for each person: $70 (plus meals). (We hope to get more than 10 interested and receive a discounted refund!) If you are interested, please indicate and include the packet amount of this event on your registration form total amount.
  • Nick Matchefts invites you to tour the local seminaries on Wednesday, January 18.  You will visit Luther, United, Bethel and St. Paul seminaries.  Each has unique architecture, layout, artwork, classroom and office space, as well as lovely chapels.  Nick will provide two tours in the morning and two tours in the afternoon (all dependent on weather) and a stop for lunch at a restaurant (your expense). Cost: $25 (includes the bus and overhead).
  • Charlotte Berres invites you to put “20,000 Footsteps” on your pedometer on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  We’ll walk the Minneapolis Skyway, wander the Mall of America (MOA) and find a place for lunch (cost is yours) and return to the St. Paul Skyway (if you still have energy).  We’ll ride the light rail Green Line between St. Paul and Minneapolis and then the Blue Line to MOA and a bus back to St. Paul.  Cost: $10 for transportation.
  • Greg Meland invites you to a surprise tour of his favorite hangouts! Cost: $10
  • Allen Kuss invites you to the Mall of America for a longer tour.  He will show you the bus connections from St. Paul Hotel at any time on Wednesday or Thursday and make suggestions on what to tour and share some of his favorite stores.  Cost: bus ticket and whatever you decide to buy!