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2021 Virtual Mini-Biennium

Ever wonder what sorts of backgrounds field educators bring to their work?  We asked, and here's what we found out:

Missionary   Homeschooled my three boys   Denominational leadership   Congregational ministry   Adjunct instructor following graduate school   College professor   Pastor in a local church   Pastor   Pastoral ministry   Seminary admissions   High School teaching and administration   PhD student   Directed a pre-seminary program for undergraduates  Parish pastoral associate   Pastor for 22 years   Pastoral ministry   Continuing Education, finance at JPMorgan Chase   Taught New Testament and General Bible for 25 years  Pastoral ministry   Campus Pastor working with undergraduate students   I still do it, I'm a community organizer   Professor of Practical Theology and Discipleship   31 years of congregational ministry   Pastoral ministry   Parish Pastor   Consulting and pastoring   Pastored   Secretary to the Diocesan Bishop   Served as Director of Christian Formation for a Conference of the UMC   Professor of pastoral care/pastor/harpist   Civic development   Doctoral student in ethics and society, teaching in an international development      Masters program   Admissions and student ministry   28+ years in pastoral ministry   University chaplain and director of the chapel.  Always involved in the ordination process  of the UMC   Lifelong Learning, Certificate Studies & Theological Education with Youth   Part-time Pastor, Youth Minister, PhD Student   Refugee resettlement and youth/children’s ministry   Pastor for 27 years   Congregational ministry and faculty development   Assistant to a Bishop in the ELCA   I was an analytical chemist.  Congregational and national denominational ministry   20 years of pastoral ministry   Taught ELL, college level theology, and worked in parish education   Teacher of Catholic systematic theology   Faith based non profit educating prisoners to reduce recidivism   Pastor in the United Methodist Church for 26 years   Community organizing, social work, diaconal ministry   Church planter, student & chaplain   E.D. for a Non-Profit - Writing Residency   Primarily a mom, and Justice for Our Neighbors   Youth Ministry at a church Pastor and Campus administrator   Pastor and College Chaplain   Undergraduate teacher   I taught Ministry in Fiji   Teaching pastoral theology, researching ministry, pastoral leadership in a congregation   Pastor; Teaching philosophy and systematic theology at the seminary   Ministry to elders in the community through a faith based non profit and on church staff   Ministry, Public School Education, Seminary Education   Oncology pharmacy, pastorate   Church planter   Parish priest and then diocesan spiritual formation  coordinator   Pastor, Adjunct instructor, school teacher   Director of Contextual Ministry Education and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology. I am also A Pastor.   Parish priest   Ministry and teaching theology and ministry courses.

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2022 Biennial Consultation in Tampa, FL

We are pleased to introduce you to Safety Harbor, city and hotel venue for the next gathering of ATFE (we hope in January 2022). The city of Safety Harbor is situated on the eastern side of the Pinellas County peninsula, on the western shore of Tampa Bay. It is located between the larger commercial centers in the region—Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs. The city has been defined for much of its history by its natural mineral springs. The area was also home of the principal town of the Tocobaga people, an indigenous group that flourished in the area from about 900 CE through the seventeenth century, and is home to an important Tocobaga historical site.

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is located directly across from the main street of the city of Safety Harbor and is therefore within easy walking distance of restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and a brewery. It is located on the mineral springs that were an important resource for indigenous inhabitants of the area and have continued to be a source of mineral water that is free to all.

ATFE’s local arrangements committee chose Safety Harbor Resort and Spa because of its unique history and because it offers the feel of a restful, restorative retreat. We acknowledge the complexities attendant to gathering there. We hope that participants will at the same time let themselves be challenged by what it means to teach and learn in places where indigenous peoples have been displaced and their histories erased, and also let themselves be rejuvenated by time spent in a place that is full of natural and architectural beauty, access to the outdoors, and plentiful sunshine.