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Next Biennial Consultation in Tampa, FL

We are pleased to introduce you to Safety Harbor, city and hotel venue for the next gathering of ATFE (we hope in January 2022). The city of Safety Harbor is situated on the eastern side of the Pinellas County peninsula, on the western shore of Tampa Bay. It is located between the larger commercial centers in the region—Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs. The city has been defined for much of its history by its natural mineral springs. The area was also home of the principal town of the Tocobaga people, an indigenous group that flourished in the area from about 900 CE through the seventeenth century, and is home to an important Tocobaga historical site.

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is located directly across from the main street of the city of Safety Harbor and is therefore within easy walking distance of restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, and a brewery. It is located on the mineral springs that were an important resource for indigenous inhabitants of the area and have continued to be a source of mineral water that is free to all.

ATFE’s local arrangements committee chose Safety Harbor Resort and Spa because of its unique history and because it offers the feel of a restful, restorative retreat. We acknowledge the complexities attendant to gathering there. We hope that participants will at the same time let themselves be challenged by what it means to teach and learn in places where indigenous peoples have been displaced and their histories erased, and also let themselves be rejuvenated by time spent in a place that is full of natural and architectural beauty, access to the outdoors, and plentiful sunshine.