By-laws (prior to 2001 amendments)


    (ATFE), is the successor of the Association of Field Education Directors.  


    The purposes of the organization are as follows:

    1 . To provide a forum for the identification, study, research and action on issues of significance to
    theological field education;

    2. To develop resources and services pertinent to the task of theological field education;

    3. To cooperate with other groups in advancing the task of theological field education.


    1. In light of the common concerns of ATFE and ATS to:

    (a) maximize the quality of service to theological field education;

    (b) provide for optimal growth and development of field education Personnel;

    (c) achieve maximum input from field education personnel to development of strategies
    for theological education;

    (d) develop and maintain an atmosphere for maximum input of content fields into
    experience-centered learning;

    (e) minimize duplication of effort and expenditure between ATFE and ATS;

    (f) provide for optimal participation of education personnel in education programs of ATS.

    The Association for Theological Field Education stands in affiliated relationship to ATS.

    2. Such affiliated relationship implies:

    (a) that as an agency or institution ATFE participates in meetings of ATS with a voice
    but without a vote.

    (b) that ATFE representatives may be elected to ATS committees or commissions.


    1. Membership is to be drawn primarily from member seminaries of the Association of Theological
    Schools but is open to anyone committed to the above purposes by reason of involvement in
    formation programs, higher education or denominational responsibility.

    2. There shall be four categories of membership:

    (a) institutional (includes up to three voting members)

    (b) independent

    (c) associate relationship

    (d) emeritae/i

    3. Institutional membership is open to denominational agencies and theological institutions which are
    accredited or associate members of the Association of Theological Schools. Institutional membership
    includes the biennial enrollment of up to three voting members.

    4. Independent membership is open to persons who are involved in supervisory ministry and the
    formation of others for ministry. Such members are not related formally to a theological institution
    or denominational agency which is enrolled as an institutional member.

    5. Associate relationship is open to individuals or institutions, usually outside the United States and Canada,
    who request to have a non-dues paying relationship with the Association for Theological Field Education.
    Such individuals or institutions will be on the mailing list, invited to meetings and have voice but no vote.
    Applications for associate relationship shall be considered and approved by the Steering Committee.

    6. Emeritae/i membership is open to retired persons who previously have held membership in the
    Association for Theological Field Education.

    7. Institutional, independent, associate relationship and emeritae/I members shall pay dues determined
    by the Steering Committee. Dues cover membership for two years, up to and including the biennial


    1. The officers shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,

    Communications Coordinator, and three Steering Committee Members-At-Large
    (one of whom is the Local Arrangements Coordinator for the next Biennial Consultation).

    2. Officers shall be elected by a majority of members present at scheduled business meetings during
    Consultations of the Association, except that the Communications Coordinator shall be appointed
    by the Steering Committee.

    3. The duties of the Chairperson shall be to preside at Consultations, to chair the Steering Committee
    and to fulfill whatever additional duties may be assigned him or her from time to time either by the
    Steering Committee or by mandate from the general membership at the Consultation.

    4. The Vice-Chairperson shall act as Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson and shall
    automatically succeed to the position of Chairperson upon vacancy in that office for the remainder
    of the term. The Vice-Chairperson shall receive membership dues, be responsible for keeping an
    up-to-date list of members and submit a complete report to the full membership at each biennial

    5. The Secretary shall keep records of the Association, conduct official correspondence, issue
    notices of meetings, and act as a secretary to the Steering Committee.

    6. The Treasurer shall serve as a custodian of all funds, shall be authorized to disburse such funds
    and shall keep proper records of receipts and disbursements. He or she shall be responsible for
    submitting an updated financial report at each Steering Committee meeting, and a complete report
    shall be submitted to the full membership at each consultation and to the full membership through
    the Proceedings of the Consultation.

    7. The terms of all elected officers shall begin at the close of the final business meeting of the Consultation.

    8. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, or Treasurer, or
    Member-At-Large, the Steering Committee shall appoint a replacement from the ATFE membership.


    1. The Steering Committee shall comprise the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,
    Communications Coordinator, and three Members-At-Large (one of whom is the Local
    Arrangements Coordinator).

    2. The Steering Committee shall be representative of the diversity of the membership.

    3. The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the printing and distribution of the
    Proceedings of the Biennial Consultation, the Newsletter and such other communications as
    deemed appropriate by the Steering Committee.

    4. The Steering Committee shall through its nominations process ensure continuity in its
    membership from Consultation to Consultation.

    5. The Steering Committee is empowered to appoint from its own membership an Executive Committee
    to which it may delegate such powers as it chooses.

     6. The Steering Committee shall serve as the nominating committee or designate one to serve on
    behalf of the Association to present a slate of officers to serve until the next Consultation. Nominations
    may be made from the floor.

    7. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the prudent management, receipt, and disbursement
    of such funds under its purview.

    8. The Steering Committee shall authorize appropriate persons to sign checks during the biennial period.

    9. A financial audit of the Association and the Local Arrangements Committee shall be done at the close
    of each biennial period.


    1. Committees may be authorized by the general membership at each Consultation or by the Steering
    Committee, for such terms and purposes as may be deemed useful.

    2. Committee members shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Steering Committee, unless
    otherwise provided for in the action authorizing the Committee.

    3. There will be an Editorial Board comprised of three editors, recruited and appointed by the Steering
    Committee, and additional appointees determined by the Steering Committee, one of whom will be
    responsible for business matters related to the publication and distribution of resources. Persons
    appointed to this Board will begin their term of office during the biennial consultation at which they
    were appointed. This Board will be responsible for implementing the resolutions regarding publications,
    adopted by ATFE at its biennial consultations. One of the editors shall serve as chair and shall be
    selected by the editorial board. Board members will serve for four years.

    The Steering Committee will appoint from its membership a liaison to the Editorial Board
    The Editorial Board will: develop themes for publication, solicit, receive and screen manuscripts
    for publications, and assume responsibility for editing and publishing "occasional papers"
    for ATFE.

    The Editorial Board will propose a budget to the Steering Committee and will be responsible
    to the Steering Committee for the expenditure and receipt of funds. Any surplus funds received
    from publications will be added to the Development Fund. The ATFE treasurer will have an
    audit of this account each December.

    4. There will be a Research Committee of four members appointed biennially by the Steering
    Committee from the membership of the Association for four-year terms. The responsibility of
    the Committee will be to foster and encourage research among the Association's membership.
    To that end it may support research projects initiated
    by members and approved by the Steering
    Committee which it considers to be of benefit to the ongoing work of field education and recruit
    researchers for them.

    The Steering Committee will appoint from its membership a liaison to the Research

    The Research Committee will propose a budget to the Steering Committee in order
    for it to support particular research projects. The treasurer will draw from the
    Development Fund to grant such approved awards. In case of a General Fund
    deficit this fund will be used to cover the deficit.

    Applications for the allocation of these research funds must be made in the last six
    months of the biennium (July through December of even numbered years). Application
    is made to the Research Committee which then makes recommendations to the
    Steering Committee. Project grants will be made available to projects that represent
    a new and important contribution to the field and promise to make a contribution to
    achieving the goals of ATFE.


    1. Consultations shall be held at a minimum of one every two years.

    2. Consultations shall be planned by the Steering Committee and held at times and places agreed
    upon by the membership at previous Consultations.

    3. The members present at any scheduled business meeting at a Consultation shall constitute a quorum.

    4. Other meetings of the Association may be called by the Steering Committee.

    5. The Local Arrangements Coordinator shall be recommended to the Steering Committee by
    members in the geographical area of the next Consultation and appointed by the Steering Committee
    as a Member-at-Large.

    6. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the publication and distribution of the Proceedings
    of the Consultation.


    1. A member whose dues have been paid shall be eligible for election to any office in the Association.

    2. Elections shall be held at the time of the Consultation.

    3. The Steering Committee shall at the time of the Consultation present a slate of officers for the period
    until the next Consultation. Nominations may be made from the floor.

    4. Elections shall be determined by a simple majority.


    The Archives of the Association will be housed at the Union Theological Seminary in Richmond,
    Virginia. At the conclusion of her/his term, the chairperson shall be responsible for forwarding to
    the Library all papers and documents which have been determined to be of historical value.
    All materials remain the property of ATFE but are under the administrative control of the
    Librarian of the Seminary.


    1. Amendments to these By-Laws may be proposed by a majority vote of the Steering Committee
    or by a motion from the floor at the Consultation.

    2.  Amendments shall be considered ratified if there is a majority vote of those present at
    a scheduled business meeting of the Consultation.