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  • New chair’s welcome: Our new steering committee chair, Tracy Hartman, has a new message for all ATFE members.
  • 2017 membership dues: ATFE is your professional association. It’s the source of resources, relationships and education for theological field educators. No other organization has these essential ingredients for maintaining the excellence in theological field education. Your membership dues helps the Steering Committee plan and fund our biennium meetings, provide continuing education resources between meetings, and maintain our website.Please follow the link here to pay your 2017 membership dues.
  • Brand new! 9781442273498_fc (002)Theological field education, in which a ministry student steps out of the classroom and begins practicing with the supervision of a mentor, is a critical part of accredited ministry programs. Engage equips both students and their supervisor-mentors to engage in this important opportunity with energy and imagination, and it prepares students for the challenging work of integrating theory into real-world practice.  Engage provides coaching from recognized experts in the arts of ministry: preaching, administration, evangelism, pastoral care, public ministry, leadership, faith formation, liturgical arts and more. Other chapters address themes such as race, gender, and ministry across faith traditions (or no faith tradition). The book addresses field education in a range of contexts—from churches to non-profits.  Engage offers a valuable resource for students making the most of their transition from the classroom into real world ministry with all its joys and many challenges.
    Once again, Floding shows us why he is a national expert in the area of theological field education. He has assembled an all-star cast of authors across denominational lines to equip both those preparing for ministry and those shepherding future ministers. Theological field education takes the classroom and integrates it into the real world of ministry, making education truly come alive. Engage: A Theological Field Education Toolkit is one of the most well-rounded, complete resources I have seen for ministry preparation. — George M. Hillman, Jr., Dallas Theological Seminary
    Research has shown that the lecture is out, and hands-on experiential learning is in. This fantastic book not only offers a wide range of angles on formation for faith leaders, but it also pushes them to engage in making their learning as dynamic and creative as possible. No student should prepare for ministry leadership without this outstanding toolbox of a book in their pocket. — Christian Scharen, Auburn Theological Seminary


  • Also, Barbara J. Blodgett and Matthew Floding have edited a book: Brimming with God: Reflecting Theologically on Cases in Ministry (Pickwick Publications); ISBN 13: 978-1-62564-996-6. The book opens with a chapter on theological reflection within field education and is followed by eleven case studies. It usually has two theological field educators reflecting on each story to demonstrate how different approaches to theological reflection can yield varied theological and ministry implications. You can contact Toni Erebor  at toni@wipfandstock.com to order or to find out more. Or you can click on this link: Brimming with God: Reflecting Theologically on Cases in Ministry. The book has strong possibilities for use in classes.
  •  Volume 36 of Reflective Practice is now available online.  The theme is: “HOW DO ADULTS LEARN?Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry seeks to provide a framework for reflection on supervision and formation for a range of ministries, in a variety of contexts, and from different faith traditions. This is an OPEN ACCESS journal free to anyone with Internet access thanks to support by ATFE.  Go to http://journals.sfu.ca/rpfs/index.php/rpfs and simply click on archives in order to access this volume – or any previous volumes – of Reflective Practice.  No registration is necessary.
  • New page on this website– “How to Get Published”                                                                It offers guidance from an experienced editor, who regularly attends our ATFE Consultations, Beth Gaede. We appreciate her work for many of us and her willingness to offer her wisdom to us all. You can find it under the main tab for Research and Publications.
  • Call for papers:
    Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry invites CPE supervisors/Field Education Supervisors to submit papers or essays on the general theme: “Supervising the Angry Student,” keeping in mind that anger takes many forms and expressions: externalized anger, internalized anger, passive aggressiveness, righteous anger, self anger, anger at God, etc. If we get enough thoughtful submissions, we envision publishing a symposium within an upcoming issue on the theme.  Submissions, ideas or questions may be sent to Scott Sullender, Editor.  Email: ssullender@sfts.edu.

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